Welcome to Crest Mills:


Crest Mills is a division of Crest Brands Group. Our experience in the Home, Bath, Bedding and Pillows business dates back to 2002. Since that time we have developed a reputation for Quality Product, Best In Class Designs, On time Delivery and Superb Pricing. 


Joey Levy


Mission Statement

We strive to provide an excellent product at the highest level of quality. 

We have an extensive sourcing, production, compliance QC team in the USA & Asia.

Based in our State-of the-Art NYC offices, We have a design team dedicated to ensuring we bring amazing product to the market. Constantly being innovative and fresh. 

We focus on each brand and customer to fullest, giving each the attention they need so that we keep their identity and heritage unique. 

Our Divisions

Crest Brands Group, aka JBL Trading, LLC is the parent company, under which we have 4 unique divisions, as follows. 


                Crest Brands Group 

- Crest Mills - Home Decor & Bedding 

- HomeMaker - Kitchen Products

- Baby Lounge - Infant, Layette, Gifting, Apparel and Sets. 

- Essie Legwear - Sock & Legwear 

Each division is run by a separate manager, sharing the back end And sharing other synergies to maximize our potential. 

Crest Mills Asia:

Our Asia office is staffed with a merchandising team, sourcing team and QC/Compliance team, lead by our long time management team. They offer us boots on the ground and their extensive knowledge in the Home Textile business has helped us grow.